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Eyesover Industry Intelligence tools put you in control and ensures you are aware of the issues that can impact your business and can proactively address them.

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We'd love to show you how the Eyesover Industry Intelligence can help you discover the issues that matter to you!


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Eyesover Issue Discovery looks for rapid increases in the use of specific terminology, large changes in tone, and influxes of new discussion participants to uncover issues as they are developing.

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Social media monitoring systems are dependent on the search terms and keywords their users think are relevant. But when markets change, so do the issues people discuss. The Eyesover system ensures that users are always aware of changes and that search terms are accurate, meaningful, and provide timely data.

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Eliminate Noise

Eyesover performs multiple searches and analyses on our data to ensure relevant and accurate output. We don’t waste your time with high noise levels that make it difficult to extract the insights you are looking for.

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