Industry Intelligence.

A suite of Industry Intelligence tools, powered by Keyword Discovery.


Your front page view on what  people are talking about , the volume of discussion, and the prevailing sentiment of key issues and topics you are following. All of this information is presented in a snapshot view where the headlines are top of mind.


Beyond brand mentions, we tell you the discussion activity on a multitude of topics and issues, the sentiment of those discussions, and show you the trends over time. Seeing how sentiment is related to the volume of a key issue could mean the difference between missing the opportunity to take action, and an emerging crisis.

Keyword Discovery

Your keywords represent what you know is happening. Keyword Discovery fills in the gaps by suggesting the new keywords and search terms you should be following to get more data from the discussions online and improve your awareness of the issues around you.

Source Content

We bring you the source content right to your desktop for when you want to dive deep into the data. Social, news, blogs, RSS feeds can all be delivered in an easily sortable format.

Alerts & REports

Eyesover Industry Intelligence are working when you are not. Define when sentiment levels change or spike, or volume grows on a certain topic and receive an alert wherever you are direct to your inbox. Our daily news reports on the topics and issues you are following will provide a news media summary to your inbox daily, providing you with the relevant news and information you need today.

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