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Political Parties & Campaigns

Eyesover’s Political Module uses the data our framework collects and creates metrics and actionable data tailored for a political campaign.

1) Support Index – Our support index uses profile and sentiment data to create voter intention profiles allowing us to provide the latest trends in a campaign on a 24/7 basis. This feature constantly analyzes the statements from thousands of individuals to understand their level of support of the various candidates meaning not only do we provide the ‘who’, but also the ‘why’ voters are supporting a certain candidate.

2) Ad Targeting – Users can filter our database by party, issues, sentiment, or influence to create username lists of individuals for digital ad placement. If a user wanted to target Democrats that are against gun control, they can create that list, upload it to a social media platform and place an issue-specific ad in the feeds of those individuals.

3) Reports and Alerts – The platform emails users the minute an issue starts seeing more discussion or a large change in sentiment.

4) Real-Time Listening – Our dashboard provides users with realtime metrics on every issue such as the number of individuals talking about the issue, the sentiment being expressed, and comparisons with historical metrics.

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Political Parties & Campaigns

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